Sunday, 30 August 2015

An insight into the inspirations of ADO artist Amanda Barden

'Glimmer of Light'

Acrylic on canvas in a white frame

I always paint from the heart, using my emotions, and try to let the paint flow as much as I can.  My seascapes are an emotional expression of how the sea and sky feel to me on a particular day, and my abstracts are more about colours and textures.  

In my first ever painting, 'Glimmer of Light’, I tried to capture how the sea and sky looks and feels to me on one of those really gloomy days when the sea and sky seem to merge together as one, but then you suddenly spot that glimmer of light in the distance, on the sea’s horizon, and the flecks of sunlight in the sky and you instantly feel hopeful again.

When I started painting 'Glimmer of Light' I knew what I wanted to achieve and was so  happy when I managed to recreate the image in my head on to canvas.  

Initially, I started with the dark and choppy sea, using paper towels, my fingers and a water spray for blending.  Then, after that, I added the glimmers of light on the sea's horizon, followed by the sky and clouds, and finally the golden rays of sunlight using gold acrylic paints with touches of glitter.  And once 'Glimmer of Light' was completed, I decided to get it professionally framed, choosing a simple, white frame that contrasts with the darker tones of the painting.


Acrylic on box canvas

'Outlook' is my interpretation of a sunset over the sea, but rather than setting out to create a realistic portrayal, I tried to capture the emotions that a sunset evokes and the contrasts of the light and dark shades within it.

I started off using white acrylic paints in varying thicknesses to build up the texture.  Next, I added light and dark brown to the edges of the canvas and worked inwards using paper towels, sponges and a water spray.  Finally, I added the gold and bronze colours and blended those in.   I hope you like the result.

Written by Amanda Barden

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