Sunday, 2 August 2015

An insight into the inspirations of ADO artist Laurence Chandler

'Beyond' by Laurence Chandler
In 2011, after moving to live by the sea, which had always been one of my lifelong ambitions, I was inspired to paint again (after a break of over 20 years) by the beauty, immensity and wildness of the sea and sky.  In my work I try to capture all of this and how the sea and sky feel to me on a particular day by using mainly blue, purple, white, gold and red acrylic paints and blending them together using paper towels and sponges.

When I painted 'Beyond' I had in my mind a sunrise on a bright and sunny morning, but with a rough sea, due to the previous night's storm, so to create these contrasts, I decided to use a mixture of blues, purples and white to show the power and movement of the sea, but also  golds, reds and pinks to capture the colours of a sunrise and a bright and sunny day ahead.  Also, I love to paint on large canvases so that I can try to capture the vastness of the sea and sky and 'Beyond' is one of my larger paintings at 150 x 100cm.

'Reflection' by Laurence Chandler
'Reflection' is based on my experiences scuba diving.  Often when I'm under water and I look up towards the sea's surface, I can see the sunlight reflecting downwards on to the coral beneath and this is what I tried to replicate in 'Reflection' by creating lots of layers with a mixture of acrylic paint and glitter.

Written by Laurence Chandler

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