Sunday, 23 August 2015

An insight into the inspirations & techniques of ADO artist Paul Mitchell

'Shropshire Landscape 3', acrylic and ink on canvas board, 2015

This is a very recent piece, inspired by where I originate from in the county of Shropshire.  I used to love climbing The Wrekin Hill near Telford and was amazed by views such as this; overlooking the sweeping rural scenery like a green patchwork blanket.  I aimed to recreate the distant haze and feeling of depth, and how the sunlight punctures the clouds above.

'Rye, Lion Street' acrylic on block canvas, 2013

My partner and I are in love with the town of Rye in East Sussex, and this was produced very shortly after our first stay there during autumn.  We got engaged in Rye and strive to stay there as often as we can, so this place will always be special to me.  

The light was great on this day and the whites of the buildings seemed particularly sharp.  The church behind me is at the head of this impressive street.

Written by Paul Mitchell

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