Friday, 13 November 2015

ADO Artist Mel Graham

"Peace at Last"

Internationally selling and self-taught artist Mel Graham produces contemporary emotive work that touches the soul. Her endless landscapes and dramatic seascapes focus on the sheer and raw beauty of space and nature. Her colours are vibrant and brush strokes vivid, with colours chosen entirely by mood.  Her studio and adjoining gallery are located in Nottingham, UK. The light and space provides the opportunity for large and striking work to be produced. Inspiration is drawn from the sea, and the empty expanse of nature’s finest. 


Driven by her passion to paint, new work is always available. Work often takes weeks to complete, or sometimes only hours. Mel generally works on about four pieces at once, leaves them, and then works again, re-defining and re-energising her work.

"Dawn Rising"

The canvas' Mel works on are artist quality, and the paints are deeply textured and high grade. Her favourite paints are the buttery Golden Acrylics, with Teal and Magenta coming in as her absolute loves. They always make a show somewhere on each canvas ... Mel Graham has sold hundreds of paintings from the UK to Australia, The Falkland Islands to San Francisco.  She is also a full time mum and loves guinea pigs.

"Wild Water 5"


Mel Graham - ADO Artist

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